Nike TN Event Series JAKE100


To inspire the next generation of TN consumers by developing an innovative seeding strategy connecting key instigators over a series of product drops.


Part of the strategy we built for Nike was to incorporate a weekend series of events with two of the key instigators, Nella Rose and Jake100.

Having only 5 days to pull this off, we rolled up our sleeves and got stuck in.

Jake100’s event focused around ‘BIKES’. Everything about Jake100 and his community is completely and utterly about bikes!

Taking that into consideration we wanted to create a space for these young people to have the opportunity on making their bikes become best whether that’s ensuring the break pads work or customising it with one-off artworks.

We had two main elements within the downstair floor of the Marble Arch Foot Locker, one customisation. This was across 3 stages, first stage was to draw or select the vinyl artwork you would like to have on your bike, second stage was where all artwork would be printed in a range of TN colours before heading to the final stage where the team would professionally place and fuse the artwork onto the bikes.

The second main element of the event was to the mechanics. We have three mechanics on hand to conduct a service on all bikes. The service included break pad fitting/adjusting, puncture repairs, gear indexing, wheel tuning and safety checks.

Overall Jake100 event featured:

  • Bike Customisation
  • Mechanic Services
  • GIF Booth
  • Video Games
  • Refreshments & snacks



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