Worship Trans


To create a project with leading Transgender figures promoting social inclusivity.


Our ‘Worship Trans’ series collaborated with six people who identify as trans and we asked them one question: “What is your religious understanding?”. Munroe Bergdorf, Dani Gibbison, Elisa Mastrangeli, Mzz Kimberley, Leng Montgomery and Fox Fisher all had a different perspective, with most not believing in a single faith but maintaining a strong sense of spirituality.

The strategy was to create a series aligning two dubious bedfellows: a community growing in visibility and fighting for equality, and a centuries-old concept that has been at times warped to beat others down. As society develops, lines written in a dense, anachronistic book have less and less to do with the perception of faith and how it applies to marginalised groups like the trans community.


x6 short films on each person’s story and views on religion.

A magazine featuring stories, portraits,  illustrations and other photography.

Achieved mass PR exposure across a range of titles such as a double page spread in Sunday Times Magazine with online pieces in Dazed & Confused and The Huffington Post to name a few.


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